Big Brother 2013 winner (and wearer of this to the ARIAs, for reasons as yet unknown) Tim Dormer proved exactly why he was considered eligible for Big Brother in the first place when, while Twitter-bragging about the $250,000 prize that just crash-landed in his bank account…

…he accidentally posted his account details online for all to see. Not a mistake Huell would have made.

Presumably no one took advantage of the situation and got their identity theft on, as the shot was swiftly removed and the replacement image (below) that Dormer posted a while later (sans BSB and account number) still displayed Dormer’s account balance at a hefty Big Brother-inflated $255,023.96.

#rich #idiot, indeed. Dormer was described in our live blog of this season’s first episode as “easily in the lead for Big Brother Contestants I Most Want To Punch”. Confirmed and reconfirmed.