In further evidence that maybe Bachelor contestants’ entire families should just say absolutely nothing while the show airs, for fear of starting the rapacious churn of the rumour mill, it looks like frontrunner Brittany Hockley‘s sister, Sheri, has accidentally maybe spilled the tea online this week.

As The Fix reports, on Wednesday, Sheri posted a video to her Instagram Story of Honey Badger and her sister having a cheeky pash, captioning “Get. It. Girl. THATS a man who wants the kiss…

Image source: Instagram / @sheri_hockley. 

Putting aside how uncomfortable I would feel if one of my brothers were to post a video of me macking on national television to their Instagram Story, the thing that’s actually no, no good, about this one, is that you could apparently hear two people chatting in the background, and by the sounds of it, someone’s relationship is in the shitter.

A man: “Maybe he’s not ready to settle down.”

A woman: “Maybe not.

*Gasp* Is the woman Brittany or Sheri or someone else speaking? Is Nick ‘Strewth Hoo Roo’ Cummins the one who is not ready to settle down!!??!! Why would you go date 25 women simultaneously on the telly if you’re not ready to do big boy 30-something things with your new bae, like set up a joint bank account, buy property and make babies?

Truly shocking. But the video also adds fire to the theory that Brittany is the winner – and that their reality television love doesn’t last (very surprising considering 3/5 Bachelors, and 1/3 former Bachelorettes remain with their painstakingly chosen TV partners).

The first thing that set keen-eyed viewers onto the likelihood that Hockley is the eventual winner of the season was when Honey Badger’s family posted birthday wishes onto her Facebook wall, and then she sensibly switched her account to private. She’s also been caught liking mates’ comments on her Insta, asking if they should put some money on her success with Sportsbet.

And she does seem like a clear favourite – she’s had TWO single dates, which is more than the other women (Brooke has spent more one-on-one time with him, but that’s after winning a group date and using her key to the Bachelor Pad), and she’s conveniently actually the same age as the Badgelor and also from Port Macquarie. IT’S MEANT TO BE, YOU KNOW?

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Or maybe it isn’t. Who is it to say? We don’t actually know any more than you do, we’re just blindly speculating with the rest of you.

Source: The Fix
Image: Network Ten