Leslie Jones’ #1 Troll Cops Twitter Ban 1 Hour After Bragging He Wasn’t

Well, how about this.

After the absolutely atrocious behaviour by certain individuals who sent torrents of racial abuse at Leslie Jones for having the sheer audacity to be black, a woman, on the internet, and in a fictional film where she shoots CGI partical beams at CGI ghosts (the nerve, right?) Twitter appears to be actually making good on their word.
Earlier today, Twitter issued a statement claiming they were working to clean up their community and user standards of practice, including working towards eradicating needless and potentially unlawful harassment on the site.

“This type of abusive behaviour is not permitted on Twitter, and we’ve taken action on many of the accounts reported to us by both Leslie and others.”

“We rely on people to report this type of behaviour to us but we are continuing to invest heavily in improving our tools and enforcement systems to prevent this kind of abuse.”

“We realise we still have a lot of work in front of us before Twitter is where it should be on how we handle these issues.”

One of the key instigators in yesterday’s absolute shitshow was a “man” (and we use that term loosely) by the name of Milo Yiannopoulos. The far-right commentator, professional troll, and profound deadshit has had multiple run-ins with Twitter in the past, which previously saw the company take away his prized blue verified tick; an event which he cried about online like a petulant child.

Yiannopoulos, having seen the pushback by supporters of Jones to have his Twitter account suspended and banned, took the opportunity to do a little gloating on his Facebook page (where he sports images of himself looking like the world’s most garbage 30 Seconds to Mars fan and has t-shirts with slogans like “feminism = cancer” on them) no more than an hour ago.
But OH LOL look at that, his prized @nero Twitter account has now had a little modification done on it.
The ban, reportedly, is permanent and serves as a “last straw” type punishment for Yiannopoulos, who has repeatedly flaunted his prior account suspensions by the company.
This is a big win for not only Leslie Jones, but the fight against the fucking shameful and gross harassment that people, and women in particular, face on the website.
There’s a big difference between “expressing an opinion” and being an absolute toilet of a human being.
Make no mistake about it, this ban officially asserts this bloke to be the latter.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty, Facebook.