Everyone’s Struggling To Understand Josh’s General Behaviour On Big Brother & It’s Only Night 1

big brother josh

Big Brother: Back To The Future kicked off tonight after weeks of relentlessly teasing us on social media. Tonight we saw OGs Tim Dormer, Reggie Bird, Estelle Landy and David Graham arrive before being tasked to hide from the new Big Brother housemates to get immunity in the first eviction.

“I never thought we’d both be getting back in the closet,” Tim laughed as he and Dave hid from the new housemates in the cupboard. This duo was a true highlight of the night – coming a close second was Dave’s Bluey pyjamas.

Then eight regular housemates arrived in the house, including Josh who is a retired international model. He started off a bit cunty but also really hot (just how I like ’em).

This was before it was revealed that he knew fellow housemate Sam. Now, if you haven’t been keeping up to speed, Sam is an intimacy coach and also the one you can see on the trailers as Drew‘s new girlfriend.

So yeah, this should get interesting. Apparently Sam and Josh went on a Tinder date in 2015 (!!) and Sam only really tells Big Brother that “It didn’t really end that well.” Josh proceeded to tell Sam that they should pretend they don’t know one another, and that is anyone asks, then pretend he dated one of her friends. I hope she never had real feelings for this guy.

And look, it turns out that Josh was the one with feelings, because he wound up vulnerable and upset on a bed saying that Sam is his dream girl and he wants her back. Can you get something back that was never yours to begin with? Anyway, this prime “nah I’m cool hey” followed up by a “but I actually love you aye” gave serious whiplash to people who Tweet.


Josh then proceeded to get pissed off during the challenge, and show off his tattoos, one of which was dedicated to his time as a model.

But the real kicker was during the eviction. With only one night spent in the house, three people were already facing eviction – Mel, Aleisha and Lulu. OG housemates Tim, Reggie, Estelle and Dave were given the option to cancel the eviction altogether. Josh encouraged them to proceed with the eviction because strategy etc. Tim, who is a strategy king, was having none of the rubbish Josh was saying.

Josh no-likey and proceeded to call the fellow housemates “nobodies”. This is funny to me as I worked in fashion for several years and did not recognise the face of this “international model”. All in all, people seem to really dislike Josh. People are excited to see Drew come in and woo Sam who has absolutely no interest in Josh.

That being said, I know editing when I see it, and there’s definitely more to this story than one Tinder date 6+ years ago. Sam did say that they’ve “been in and out” of each other’s lives since, so let’s stay tuned on how this all unfolds, yeah?

But before I go, let me remind you of the only Josh in Big Brother history who matters.

I think of this Josh at least once a year. International model Josh? TBC.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.