Tully Smyth Is Apparently Dating Flume, So Let’s Hope It’s Different To Her Relo On Big Brother

Tully Smyth from Big Brother 2013 is now apparently dating Flume and this just goes to show how painfully small the celebrity circles in Australia are.

According to tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic! Tully Smyth was spotted on a date with the Aussie icon on Chapel street in Melbourne. Apparently, one of So Dramatic’s little spies told host Megan Pustetto that a friend of theirs spoke to Tully at The Wolf in Windsor and the influencer said she was feeling nervous.

Tully also commented on the So Dramatic! Instagram yesterday. While it was only to correct a misspelling of her name, she didn’t exactly deny the rumour either – which makes me think the pair are actually dating.

Now it’s obviously just early days and probably too soon to give them a couple name…but Tume sounds pretty good to me. Lara Croft Tume Raider. Tume fast, Tume furious. Tume-omatic.

If you need a refresher on who Tully is, let me give you a little synopsis. If you need a refresher on who Flume is, please seek help.

Tully was a contestant on season ten of Big Brother and was a bit of a controversial character on the show. She was in a two-year relationship with a women named Tahlia Farrant before entering the BB house.

However, as soon as she lay eyes on Anthony Drew (known as just Drew on Big Brother) she knew she instantly attracted. Speaking on her podcast in 2020, Too Much Tully, she confessed that she knew Drew was going to mean “trouble.”

What ensued was a strange and captivating love story, where the two were smitten with each other, but no one at home could accept the relationship because she was literally cheating on her girlfriend.

It did make for amazing TV, and because of their relationship we got to witness some of the funniest Big Brother moments ever.

Like Ben always accidentally being in the wrong place at the wrong time, twice getting caught in the middle of one of Tully’s crying-fests.

Let’s hope there’s less drama between Tully and Flume.