A Spicy Screenshot Gives Us A Clue As To Who Drew Ends Up With After Big Brother Finishes

Drew Big Brother screenshot instagram

The arrival of Tully Smyth into the Big Brother Australia 2022 house as an OG housemate was hotly anticipated this season. The producers really milked the whole love triangle drama given Anthony Drew (AKA Drew) not only used to date Tully a million years ago, but because he had started hooking up with fellow housemate and intimacy coach Samantha Manovski.

But who ends up together? Do Sam and Drew go the distance? Does Tully get between them? If you don’t want any spoilers then please remove yourself from this article immediately.

I have a big dirty crush on Drew from Big Brother like most people in Australia with taste. What this means is that I follow him on Instagram. What this also means is when I was cleaning out my camera roll for the 18th time this year, I came across a screenshot I took in March.

What Was Drew From Big Brother Posting Back In March?

It didn’t mean much to me then (but obviously something if I took a screenshot — perhaps a therapy session for another day) but now it’s helping me put pieces together.

You see, Drew’s Instagram Story is shared from another person’s Instagram who tagged him. And they are k-i-s-s-i-n-g. The caption says “the greatest thing I’ve ever known.” But it’s writing for ants so you can’t really read it without a magnifying glass.

side note: good to know I could DM him if I wanted

This person is not Sam.

This person is not Tully.

This person is not me anyone in the triangle.

That Instagram account is set to private, which is fair considering they’re potentially in a relationship with one of Australia’s most wanted men. Drew and Bianca both follow each other on Instagram which says nothing because I just mute my ex-boyfriends, but also I’m choosing to believe it’s another clue.

Let’s do some quick math. Drew’s latest season of Big Brother is now airing. It was likely filmed late last year (if previous seasons are anything to go by) which means this relationship is very much post-BB house.

I’m actually surprised that he thought he’d get away with posting that to all his followers, even if it was before he was announced to be part of the show.

When Was Drew Announced As A Big Brother 2022 Housemate?

The official announcement confirming Drew’s involvement in the new Big Brother season was back in April and this Instagram Story was three weeks before that. Make of it what you will but I’m calling it right now, Drew has a girlfriend and it ain’t BB alumni.

As the great Tully says herself, “He’s never single long.”

On the Tully and Drew front, this really shouldn’t be a surprise considering Tully has been posting photos with her boyfriend, Daniel Parisi, since late 2021.

But as for Drew and Sam, I’m more excited than ever to see how their relationship plays out if it doesn’t end in Intimacy Ever After.

You can watch Big Brother 2022 on Seven or catch up on 7Plus.