Tully Smyth Got On The Champers Last Night & Spilled Major Tea About Her Break Up With Drew

Tully Smyth

Last night, OG Big Brother queen Tully Smyth joined PEDESTRIAN.TV on Instagram for our first ever Drop Ins takeover, where your faves literally drop in on our IG and talk shit, basically.

After getting herself a nice RSL pour of champers, Tully answered a bazillion questions about Big Brother – from what she thinks about the new season (she was off it, but it’s growing on her) to secrets from her season on BB (apparently Ben from Brissie is a menace on the beers).

But naturally most folks wanted the tea on Tully’s relationship with Drew, arguably the biggest scandal of 2013 in Australia. For those not in the know, Tully semi got together with Drew while she still had a girlfriend on the outside, and their intense sexual tension drove the show’s 2013 season.

After their respective evictions, Tully and Drew continued their relationship in the real world for a solid year or so, before splitting up quietly. But last night Tully let slip a few choice morsels about how that all went down.

“Ok there’s a lot of Drew questions,” she said, before answering the question about how they split.

“Look we gave it a go, we were both in a pretty weird headspace after the show, as were all the housemates. And I think having two of us in the weird headspace made for a really unhealthy start to a relationship.”

She went on, saying that the fact they were both working through the confusing shift from being stuck in a house to entering the real world again took its toll.

“We were both struggling in our own right, and then trying to like be together and start this new relationship in the spotlight, with everything else… it was hard. It was really hard.”

As we already knew, Tully moved to Melbourne to properly give things a crack with Drew, but says it just didn’t work out. Interestingly though, she told us it was Drew who called time on their relationship, not her.

Credit: Instagram / @tee_smyth

 “I was pretty devastated, I’m not gonna lie, i think people assume that I ended it…. I didn’t.”

Break ups suck at the best of times, but considering theirs was watched by the entirety of Australia it was prob like, ten million times worse. Still, Tully sounds pretty chill about it all now. She even answered the question of whether they fucked in the house.

“NO, Drew and I did not sleep together in the house. It’s not exactly sexy, you can hear cameramen breathing down your neck, and there are people right next to you.”

And if you ever wanted to know whose dick she thinks is the best from her season… well, you’ll have to watch the IG Story now, won’t ya? Head to our Instagram here.