A Professional Christmas Tree Decorator Revealed How Much She Makes In A Single Silly Season

Christmas tree

A mum in the US state of Arkansas left her job to become a professional Christmas tree decorator. Excuse me but where the heck do we sign up?

Amanda Ware decorates approximately 100 trees every year and charges an absolute mint for her expertise.

On average the former teacher banks about USD$1,000 per tree, which is nearly AUD$1,500.

Even my non-numbers brain knows that 100 multiplied by $1,500 equals some extremely fat stacks. If only my year seven maths teacher could see me now!

In an interview with Newsweek, Ware said that yes, she pretty much makes all her money in the final quarter of the year. TBH this could either be an extremely exciting, or an extremely stressful way to live. Some people just froth the chaos, I guess.

According to the interview, her busiest month is November which 100 per cent supports my theory that you don’t have to wait until December to let your festive decorating spirit loose. I’ve been sayin’ it for years!

“The magic truly begins whenever people put their Christmas décor up,” she said.

“I am in the business of making people merry.”

Pop off, queen. Big slay / big sleigh.

She also runs a TikTok account called @helloholidaystiktok where she gives tips and tricks to help the decorating normies among us spice up our trees.


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