Just Gonna Say It: You Can Put Up Xmas Decorations Whenever The Fuck You Want, Even In November

Hark! The herald Grinches winge! For too long, the fun police have waged a war on “early” Christmas decorations. I’m here to say enough’s enough. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a reason and you’d be a fool NOT to want to extend it.

To me, Christmas is the loose unit of the Australian public holiday family.

It’s an opportunity to do things that would be considered socially unacceptable at any other time of the year. The days and weeks leading up to it should be cherished and celebrated.

Chucking on a Michael Bublé album in July, for example, would likely be met with eye raises, a roasting from your mates and a permanent ban from aux cord privileges.

But at Christmas, it’s open season.

Chuck on all the Bublé you want. Heck, chuck on the 2008 classic Christmas in tha Dogg House by Snoop Dogg.

Go one step further and play Crazy Frog – Crazy Hits (Crazy Christmas Edition). I simply don’t care ‘cos it’s holiday season, baby.

The same logic applies to Christmas decorations.

In my mind, the debate around putting up your Christmas decorations early is a lot like the “I can’t believe hot cross buns are ALREADY in supermarkets” debate. And in this context, I use the word “debate” very loosely.

It’s really more of a squabble between people who have nothing better to chat about than what’s stocked on the shelves at Woolies.

Debate or not, the real meat and potatoes of both arguments is the fact that people will do whatever the heck they wish to do with their own money. For better or worse.

The only reason hot cross buns are in the supermarket early is because … wait for it … some people DO want to gobble them early and experience the taste of Easter earlier than what’s socially acceptable. The demand is there and it’s their own damn cashola they’re spending.

The same goes for Christmas decorations.

If you’ve put your hard-earned dosh towards some new fairy lights, a wreath for your door and some tinsel for the front verandah, you’re probably wanting to enjoy it for longer than the first 25 days of December.

If these arguments haven’t convinced the grinches among you to change your perspectives, all I can do is quote Snoop Dogg’s “Doggy Dogg Christmas”.

“Got Santa and his elves working round the clock. Holidays are here so the chow don’t stop”.

While I admit it’s not a deeply persuasive final argument, the “chow” referenced by Snoop, much like my love for getting into the festive spirit and putting up Christmas Decorations ahead of time, “don’t stop”.