Pls Enjoy These Absolutely Cooked Makeshift Xmas Trees Made By Grinchy, Lazy Geniuses

It’s not often that a meme makes me LOL. I mean actually LOL. As in I’m cackling out loud. But I spotted one yesterday and believe me when I say I bloody lost it. The meme (which I can’t find now for the life of me) compared your attitude to Christmas when you’re a kid to your attitude to Christmas now. Under the ‘when you were a kid’ text, there was a picture of a glorious Chrissy tree with dazzling lights and decorations, surrounded by a sea of gifts. Then under the ‘now’ text, there was one of those tree car air fresheners stuffed in the corner of a living room. Relatable as fuck.

It’s not that I don’t care about Christmas anymore. I’m no Grinch, I still love the silly szn and look forward to it every year! But when I know there’s a grand, lovely, carefully curated tree waiting for me at my folks’ house, where I will be spending Christmas, why would I bother getting my own tree? Given that I’m a millennial living in Sydney, my apartment is obvs lacking in space, so I’m not taking up what little storage I have for a fucking tree that’ll only be used one month of the year.

And it seems that I’m not alone in this ‘cos a Facebook post on a page called ‘Things that are not aesthetic’ shows some extremely cursed makeshift trees that I just HAVE TO show you.

The post showcases a range of shoddily designed Christmas trees that have no doubt been stitched together by millennials who love Christmas, but can’t be assed / can’t afford to do it right.

Honourable mention to this tree, which most likely lives in the lounge room of a bunch of tradies, based on the keg and the Toohey’s Extra Dry boxes:

There’s also this traffic cone with tinsel tied around it which, again, most likely belongs to a tradie household.

Anyway, head here to see the rest for a good chuckle and / or for some lazy Christmas tree inspo.