Folks, ’tis the damn season! I don’t know about you lot, but I am hankering for some Chrissy lunch and bevs with my loved ones. After yet another absolute shitshow of a year, it’s what we deserve! In anticipation, we’ve pulled together the weather forecast for Christmas Day, 2021.

Will bestie La Niña power-wash our summers like a certain on-stage singer from this year, or will we finally catch a break and get some sun up in this binch?

For the purpose of this yarn, I have turned to AccuWeather. As its name suggests, it has a pretty accurate track record when it comes to forecasting the weather around the world. In saying that, we all know how temperamental the weather can be, so take these with a grain of salt. Or a drop of rain. Whatever floats your boat.

Melbourne, Victoria

The glorious land of Melbourne will be mostly sunny (for once) with a top of 24° and a low of 17°. It’s expected to cool right down at night time, which is perfect for loosening a button or two on the lounge after a massive feed and then promptly going to sleep under any blanket you can find.

Basically, keep the brolly at home and get ready to snooze off that mashed potato once you get home from nonna’s 17-course banquet (not including dessert).

Then again, this is Melbourne we’re talking about here, so maybe bring along a hard hat just in case the sky decides to hail for four whole minutes and then stop.

Sydney, New South Wales

G’day binches of the Harbour Bridge, how are ya goin’? Christmas Day is looking to be a bit of an interesting one for Sydneysiders, with a predicted 53% cloud coverage, a temperature top of 25° and a low of 17°.

The max UV index is also predicted to be on 12 all day, which is ‘extreme’ territory, so make sure you slip, slop, slap and stay the fuck under some shade.

The good news is, there’s a low chance of rain and thunderstorms, and a warmer Christmas than last year. Friendship over with La Niña, now global warming is my best friend!

Adelaide, South Australia

A lovely blend of clouds and sun is expected to paint the skies of Adelaide like Bob Ross this Christmas period. A mesmerising high of 29° is predicted, with a sumptuous low of 15°. Sounds like the perfect day if you ask me. A scorcher, but a fun old time.

Maybe pack a cap to wear on top of your bucket hat. ‘Tis gonna be just a little hot out.

Perth, Western Australia

With a predicted 0% chance of rain and thunderstorms, Perthians (is that a thing? it’s a thing now) are going to be in for a splendid day by the barbie/delicious table spread/highly revered tiramisu that someone’s stuck their finger into.

Perthites can expect a high of 26° with a low of 16°, a lovely Christmas Day to be honest.

Hobart, Tasmania

Sorry Tassie, but it doesn’t look like Christmas Day weather this year is going to be an overly sunny set of hours for you lot. Currently, there’s a predicted high of 19° with a low of 12°. There’s also an estimated 60% chance of rain once the evening hits, which sucks for sunshine lovers, but absolutely rules for binches who love to get down to Belinda Carlisle‘s bop ‘Summer Rain’.

Somewhere in my heart, I’m always… dancing with you… in the summer rain…

Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin is predicted to Dar-win the competition for the most fucked up Christmas Day weather conditions, so congrats babes!

We’ve got an estimated high of 35° with a predicted low of 24°, which is very much insanely hot, by the way.

Oh and there’s also a predicted 80% cloudiness in the afternoon, with some heavy thunderstorms in certain sections of the NT. Fun times ahead.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Greetings to all six of you that live in Canberra. You probs won’t be spending Christmas in everyone’s least favourite territory, but just in case, here’s the weather I guess.

Expect a high of 25° and a low of 10° on Christmas Day, my government worker/university student friends.

And please, for the love of Questacon, go to Sydney or something for Boxing Day.

Brisbane, Queensland

Things are getting hot, hot, hot in Brisbane, but what’s new there, really? The land of scorching sun that probably (?) inspired Super Mario Sunshine will be hitting a predicted high of 28° and a low of 21°.

Top this up with a 1% chance of rain and a 6% chance of clouds and you’ve got a scorcher on your hands. Barbecues are back on the menu girlies, someone tell my boyfriend to get his hot Bunnings apron out. I’m sweating already.

Image: Getty Images