Watching Carols By Candlelight W/ The Fam? This TikToker’s Drinking Game Will Get You Through

Carols by candlelight drinking game for viewers

A TikToker has shared her ~inspired~ Carols by Candlelight drinking game just in time for Christmas Eve. We thank you for your service, upstanding citizen!

In a TikTok video, writer Gemma Watts recounted the best way for us to slowly forget, sip by sip, that our family is also in the room with us.

Watts captioned the video: “My annual Carols by Candlelight drinking game has made its way on to TikTok. It really is the most wonderful time of the year”.


My annual Carols by Candlelight Drinking Game has made its way to tiktok. It really is the most wonderful time of the year

♬ original sound – Gemma Watts

“I’ve been sharing this on Facebook and Instagram for about a decade, each year people submit their own rules,” Gemma begins.

“The game changes, it evolves. And that’s the spirit of Christmas.”

Absolutely poetic. You can just get the sense we’re truly in for something special here.

Gemma then proceeds to run through a few of the Carols by Candlelight drinking prompts.

These include but are not limited to “they zoom in on a baby”, “when any former talent show contestant appears”, and my personal favourite “take a sip for each sequin, crystal or diamante you spot on Anthony Callea“.

Actually, that’d probably be a double drink since Anthony Callea was the Australian Idol runner-up in 2004. More drinkies for you!

Gemma has kindly posted the full list of prompts to her Twitter account.

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