Selena Gomez Has Returned To TikTok & Yes, She’s Addressed The Messy AF Hailey Bieber Drama

Selena Gomez Addressed Hailey Bieber Drama After TikTok Break

OMG, Selena Gomez has returned to TikTok after a short social media break, and yes, she has addressed the drama between her and Hailey Bieber. Guess that means it’s time to move on, people.

Selena and Hailey have been at each others necks since the 2010s, but things reached boiling point earlier this year on TikTok and Instagram when both celebs threw shade at each other via cheeky videos and cryptic comments.

However the drama seemed to halt after Selena left the platform two weeks ago due to a resurfaced video that mentioned her superstar bestie Taylor Swift.

The video in question was a clip of Hailey Bieber’s appearance on Drop The Mic, taken by one of her haters and posted to TikTok.

In the video, rapper Method Man teased a “rap battle of the meanest lyrics about a celebrity since Taylor Swift’s last album”, to which Hailey mimed gagging. Like, she stuck her finger in her mouth and pretended to vomit.

Obviously not a classy move, but also, this video is resurfaced. It’s old news!

But despite this, Selena Gomez for some reason jumped into the comments and defended Taylor who she’s close friends with.

“So sorry, my best friend is and continues to be the best in the game,” she wrote, which I would take as an obvious calling out of Hailey’s antics.

What I don’t understand is why?

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The original video was captioned “THISS is real Hailey ‘Bieber’” and was clearly posted on a Jelena (AKA Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez) fan account that hates on Hailey. Its hashtags include #jelena, #haileycopycat, #exposing, #jaileyisfake, #haileyisobsessedwithselena, #cancelhaileybieber and #exposinghaileybaldwin.

Of course, it also included tags about Selena and Rare Beauty but I have to ask: how TF did Selena Gomez find this troll video and more importantly, why did she engage with it?

I love her as much as the next gal but it just seems so random, especially considering she has worked so hard to pretend she and Hailey are on great terms.

Why give more fuel to the rumours the two are feuding?

Some of her fans felt the same way, which might potentially be the reason she deleted her entire account. Like, it was just straight up not there anymore.

According to Billboard, she did warn fans that she was leaving before she logged off.

“I’m good. I love who I am, I don’t care. I’m big, I’m not, I don’t care. I love who I am,” she said.

“And yeah, I’m gonna be taking a second from social media ’cause this is a little silly. And I’m 30, I’m too old for this.

“But I love you guys so much!” she continued.

“And I’ll will see you guys sooner than later. I’m just gonna take a break from everything.”

After she nuked her account, Selena returned with a beauty tutorial where she showed off products from her makeup range, Rare Beauty.

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It was in the comment section where Selena subtly addressed the goss between her and Hailey.

In her first comment, Selena thanked fans for their kindness and that she was “deeply grateful” for her fans, writing, “You make me unbelievably happy.”

In her second comment she added, “Please, please be kinder and consider others mental health. My heart has been heavy and I only want good for everyone. All my love.”

Selena Gomez Addressed Hailey Bieber Drama After TikTok Break

Hailey has yet to comment on the drama. The only time she truly addressed any animosity between her and Selena was at the start of this year, where she was called out for a TikTok that seemingly made fun of Selena getting publicly body-shamed.

Hailey responded to the claims of bullying by leaving a comment on another TikTok discussing her suss video. Hailey wrote, “I never comment on this type of thing but we were just having a girls night and did a random TikTok sound for fun. It’s not directed at anyone.”

That was the last time we heard a peep of Hailey and her thoughts on the feud.

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Selena has left social media before for her mental health. She returned to Instagram after four years just last month, and her documentary My Mind & Me explores how much social media can affect her.

The spicy comment and axing of her TikTok comes off the back of another TikTok Selena posted of her “accidentally” over-laminated brows captioned: “I wish I was as pretty as Bella Hadid“. AKA, the woman whose relationship with The Weeknd overlapped her own. The ex of her ex.

It was an odd move, especially because of Selena’s ethos of everyone being beautiful the way they are. It meant legions of fans flooded her comments with reassurances like “No, YOU’RE so pretty!” which, like, yes she is — it’s the self-love her brand relies on — so why post this?

Of course, some fans reckon the Instagram Stories Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber put up after that TikTok may have led to Selena having a go.


Replying to @happy_mama3 Selena Gomez is a such a kind soul and I love that she will never get involved in the petty drama 👑 #kyliejenner #haileybieber

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The two posted close-ups of their eyebrows onto Kylie’s IG stories and it certainly looked like a passive-aggressive mocking of Selena’s brows in her TikTok. Plus, Selena recently unseated Kylie as the most followed woman on Instagram, so there’s that.

Kylie got called out and then addressed and denied the claims, and then Selena also said she doesn’t think Kylie was coming for her. Which normally would make me let this all go, but there’s been so much inconsistency lately with Selena and who she’s beefing with that I truly do not know what to believe. I mean, what about those pics of Selena and Hailey hugging?!

Honestly, this all feels like such petty high school drama. What are we, in year 9 again?