Fans Are Fighting Over A Cryptic Comment Selena Gomez Left On A TikTok About Her Relo W/ Justin

Selena Gomez TikTok comment skinny Justin

Selena Gomez surprised fans and left a rare comment on a sad TikTok edit of her relationship with Justin Bieber, but no one can agree on what it means.

The TikTok in question was posted by and was uploaded on November 30. It’s basically a series of pictures which shows Gomez either in workout gear or looking thin during her early 20s, with the text: “The reason why Selena is always skinny when she dates Justin”.

The video also included a screenshot of a response Gomez left to a fan who said they were “Jelena forever” on Instagram.

“No, love,” Gomez’s comment said in the screenshot.

“He’s rather models (sic). I’m just too normal.”

He rathers models..My poor baby. #selenagomez

♬ daddy issues – EX7STENCE™

The TikTok’s caption repeated Gomez’s comment and said: “He rathers models… My poor baby”.

Here’s where things get wild: Selena Gomez’s official TikTok account commented a sad emoji on the video on Monday — which is a pretty big deal because Gomez rarely comments on her relationship with Justin at all these days.

Selena Gomez TikTok comment about being skinny for Justin
HMMM. Source: TikTok

So, what does it mean?

The TikTok account took Gomez’s comment to be confirmation of her claims that she “tried to get skinnier” for Justin. However, the comments disagree.

Antwort auf @Selena Gomez my girl deserves better. #selenagomez

♬ WAR IS OVERRR – sarah🦇

“If you actually watch Selena’s content you’ll know that she is saying it in a sarcastic way,” one TikToker wrote.

“I think she was just being ironic,” commented another.

Other commenters slammed Gomez for commenting anything at all because it’s been years since she and Bieber broke up.

“I can’t believe she continues to talk publicly about him,” one frustrated fan wrote.

“She needs to forget him LIKE LITERALLY I love her but she proves believers that they’re right.”

But of course, because Selena Gomez fans are wild, there’s even more discourse.

“Talking or commenting about a traumatic relationship has nothing to do with not getting over an ex you people, its about the trauma lived omg,” another TikToker wrote.

Others dragged Hailey Bieber, AKA the model Bieber dated and then married after his relationship with Gomez, into it.

“I mean if Hailey can talk about her on a podcast out of the blue, I don’t see why she can’t comment an emoji? lol,” one TikToker commented.

Honestly, the whole thing’s a mess — but maybe that isn’t a surprise given Gomez has been breaking her silence on various gossip topics lately, including her relationship with ex-BFF and kidney donor Francia Raísa.

After the release of Gomez’s documentary My Mind & Me, it looks like she’s finally over remaining silent and being the bigger person. Keen to see what comment she drops next!