Selena Gomez Took To IG Live After The Golden Globes To Laugh Off Comments About Her Weight

Selena gomez slams weight gain comments after golden globes

Selena Gomez has been open about her mental health journey and the struggles she’s faced, from weight insecurities to lupus to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. You’d think, after she released an entire documentary about the dark places she’s found herself in due to mental illness, that people would stop talking about her fkn weight. You’d be wrong.

The Rare Beauty founder took to Instagram Live to address body-shaming comments people had made about during the Golden Globes, where some dickheads honed in on the fact she appears to have gained weight. Shock, horror, etc.

“I’m a little bit big right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays,” she said in the video, with her 9-year-old sister Gracie Elliot Teefey by her side. The two attended the event together and the video appears to have been filmed on the same day.

Gomez and Teefey shared a knowing look and laughed before Gomez said: “Right? But we don’t care.”


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This video is so perfect to me for two reasons: a) it associates weight gain over the holidays with enjoyment and fulfilment in life and b) Gomez is able to teach this to her little sister, who no doubt will have to contend with society’s obsession with women’s weight when she’s older.

Making a point of laughing off weight chitchat as childish, petty or not worth actually taking seriously is a great thing to teach a kid, and also something a lot of adults could learn too. Go off queen!

Gomez’s comments come off the back of her documentary My Mind & Me, which explores the complicated relationship she has with the constant criticism of her.

In the documentary she talks about feeling “cheap” after press junkets and getting caught up in the public’s perception of her, and how this deeply affected her mental health.

This isn’t the first time Selena Gomez has taken to social media to call out commentary on her weight, either.

“Honestly I don’t care about my weight because people bitch about it anyway. ‘You’re too small. You’re too big. That doesn’t fit’,” she said in another IG Live video last year.

She also left a sad face emoji on a TikTok video that claimed her relationship with Justin Bieber had made her insecure about her weight.