‘I Have Receipts’: Who Is Matty Healy Talking About In This Bizarre Rant During A 1975 Concert?


Matty Healy was recorded making some pretty perplexing comments about what appears to be anonymous beef he has with some unnamed person. It looks like someone’s got his knickers in a twist — but who TF is it? Some reckon it could be his ex Taylor Swift — but honestly, who knows with this man.

According to a tip-off sent to Deuxmoi, The 1975 was performing at a concert when, at the end of one of the songs, Matty went on a rant that has left fans scratching their hands.

The anonymous user told Deuxmoi that Matty had told someone not to “fuck with” him, and asked if this was just a reshashing of his problems with Taylor, or some other new celebrity beef had entered the chat.

Matty Healy had a go about someone on stage, but no one knows who he was talking about. Image: Instagram.

Footage of the moment was posted on TikTok and has since been shared by the gossip mogul.

“Do not come for me,” Matty can be heard saying in the 30-second video.

“Trust me. You know who I’m talking to. Honestly, you know who you are. I’m as mental as I seem. I have the receipts. Don’t fuck with me. Trust me.”

The video cuts off after this, but another user claimed Healy also referred to this mysterious nemesis as “missus” — which has led to further speculation about the person he’s talking about being Taylor.

Image: Instagram.

Honestly though, I doubt it. When would Taylor have the time to beef with Matty when she’s had probably the busiest week of her life? And if it is about Taylor, well… that’s just sad. They broke up more than six months ago and she’s well into her new relo.

Surely the drama between the two is a thing of the past? Though, his previous comments about her post-break up do lean into bitter ex territory.

This isn’t the first time Healy has behaved erratically on stage — remember when he got an entire festival cancelled in Malaysia after kissing his bandmate to make a point?

The dude reeks of chaos and bad decisions. I wouldn’t be surprised if this macho display was the reaction to some random perceived slight that the person who did it has already forgotten about.

“You know who are you are”, he said. But I wonder — do they? We certainly don’t.