Fans Think Matty Healy’s Latest On-Stage Antics Are A Message To Taylor Swift After Their Split

Matty Healy

The end of the Matty Healy and Taylor Swift era came swiftly and suddenly this week much to the delight of the Swifties who never liked the cut of The 1975 frontman’s jib in the first place. Now, Matty has broken his silence about the split on stage while performing with his band.

As the news circulated the internet, fans rocked up to Matty’s gigs with signs supporting the singer.

One sign that read “You are loved” caught the frontman’s attention and his response was captured on video.

“That was very, very kind of you,” he said.

“And I’m sure that it’s alluding to —as you’re aware – I’m not very online at the moment, and I’m sure people have just been calling me a c**t relentlessly. And I’ve not been online, but what I have been with is with my boys. And honestly, as much as I appreciate that, it’s so beautiful and I thank you, but I don’t need it because I’ve got them,” he told the crowd.

Even if you don’t like Matty Healy, you’ve got to admit, it must be pretty hard to cop so much hate from not just the media but the Swifties too.

But fans think this isn’t his only comment on the situation.

During The 1975’s show in Dublin on Wednesday, Matty was seen spray painting what looked like a giant bedsheet with the word “sorry”. He pulled the stunt as a makeshift opening act after the original opener, Caroline Polachek, lost her voice and had to pull out.

Of course, while he’s probably just apologising to fans who wanted to see the “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” singer, Swifties and chronically online fans have taken this as a sign that he’s the one to blame for the split.

And now, Swifties believe that Taylor is going to sing her song “You’re Not Sorry” at her next show.

Yikes if true.

Peep the video, which is giving big tortured artist energy, below.

Truthfully, I’m still convinced that there was nothing serious going on between these two. I reckon Taylor was on a rebound after her six-year relo ended, and chose a slime-man to help her move on. We’ve all been there.

Once she realised the absolutely terrible impact Matty and his reputation had on hers, she decided that the cheeky hookups between tour gigs (Australian tour, when?) might not be worth it in the long run.

But hey, I’m glad Matty is doing well and has his “boys” to lean on. Fellas supporting fellas – that’s what we like to see!