Matty Healy’s Mate Claims Taylor Swift Was Well Aware Of His Controversies Before They Dated

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Following the *chef’s kiss* news that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy had broken up after one wretched month together, fans have been praising Tay for finally coming to her senses and kicking the bloke to the curb.

It was assumed by many that Matty’s awful, awful past was the reason behind her decision to can the short-lived relationship.

Throughout the last month (which has felt like a bloody lifetime because shit moments tend to last longer in our minds), many wondered if Taylor was aware of all the terrible things Matty has said and done, including his racist comments about Ice Spice.

Eyebrows were especially raised when Taylor collaborated with the rapper for the remix of her Midnights bop “Karma”. Many believed this to be a calculated move to rectify things.

Folks also pondered the possibility that those wheels were already in motion before Taylor got with Matty and she genuinely had no idea just how rotten her BF was.

Now, an insider claiming to be a mate of The 1975 has told TMZ that Taylor was well aware of Ratty’s mean-ass comments about Ice Spice before getting with him.

“Taylor was aware of Matty’s remarks about Ice Spice on the podcast before she started dating him,” TMZ reported, citing “a friend connected to Matty’s band, The 1975.”

The insider added that Matty and Taylor were “used to the noise, and simply blocked it out.”

It’s unclear if that factored into the breakup, but still, I think it’s worth taking Taylor to task over it. And that’s coming from a Swiftie, here!

As a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, my first thought when I read the news was: “Thank Christ that’s over. Now let’s never talk about this again…”

But actually, Taylor Swift’s recent actions have been super disappointing and she shouldn’t be given a pass. We should talk about it.

I’m sure I’m not the only Swiftie who’s been in a weird haze this path month. Not a lavender haze, a haze of confusion and disappointment.

For most of her career, Taylor’s brand has centred on being unproblematic. Naturally, she’s had some slip ups here and there (as does anyone who’s been in the spotlight for that long) which has been a shame to see, but she’s also done a lot of good, including her advocacy work and philanthropy.

Overall, she’s been a force of good in the universe, certainly more so than her rivals and other celebrity peers.

But after years of keeping her side of the street clean (as she puts it in “Karma”), it was baffling to see that she’d willingly and actively associate with a very problematic man.

Matty Healy has a history of shitty behaviour, from admitting to watching racially-charged torture porn to performing a Nazi salute while on-stage to making offensive, mocking comments toward Ice Spice.

All this stuff is well documented and Taylor is smart enough to know why it would be upsetting for her fans and the public in general to see her parade around with this man, but she did it anyway.

One could argue that it’s not fair for us to judge Taylor on the actions of someone else, especially given that women often take the hit for the BS of men. But by associating with him mere months after he made those comments about Ice Spice, fans have argued that this was almost like an endorsement of Healy.

Sure, she seemingly patched things up by having Ice Spice appear in the “Karma” remix — a move that many have dubbed as strategic and calculated — but sadly the damage has been done and we will always remember this unfortunate moment in time.

Am I saying this is a cancellable offence? No. But I am saying that despite our love of Taylor, us Swifties should hold her to the same standard in which we hold all celebs and not fully let her off the hook for this.

Another element I’ve really hated about this whole thing is the fact that Taylor’s dating life has been under a microscope for the entirety of her career and dating Joe Alwyn gave her a reprieve from that.

But we had no choice but to put her dating life back under the microscope with Matty Healy because how could we not? Again, we cannot give celebrities a pass when they do shit things, no matter how much we love them.

Taylor, I know you’re on the rebound after your split from Joe, but you deserve waaaaaay better than this. We all deserve better.

Matty Galea is the Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer. You can find him on InstagramTwitter and TikTok.