Exactly How Taylor Swift Will Get From Japan To The Super Bowl To Melbourne In Record Time

It’s been a very exciting week for Taylor Swift‘s big burly NFL-playing boyfriend Travis Kelce after his team the Kanas City Chiefs qualified for the Super Bowl AKA the biggest event in the American football calendar. While true sports fans are questioning whether the Chiefs can be victorious over San Francisco 49ers, the Swifites have more pressing issues on their mind — Will Taylor be able to make an appearance at the Super Bowl in amongst her busy Eras Tour schedule?

Ever since the Cheif’s win over the Baltimore Ravens, there have been multiple reports claiming that the 1989 singer will be in attendance at the Super Bowl on February 12. However, for this to actually pan out, Taylor will have to jump on her cheeky little private jet in Tokyo after her gig on Feb 10, and zoom the 13 hours to Las Vegas for the 10:30am kick-off.

The adorable couple moments after the Cheif’s victory over the Ravens. (Image: Getty)

Then, she’ll have to utilise more of that precious jet fuel to fly straight from Las Vegas to Melbourne to begin her Aussie Eras Tour leg.

I know there was a lot of outcry about Taylor’s private jet usage but I bet you’re all bloody happy she’s got one of those bad boys now, hey?

Now, if timezones confuse the fuck out of you like they confuse the fuck out of me, don’t fret because a TikToker has broken down the logistics.

In a (gorgeous) PowerPoint presentation for his wife and her pals, Kyle Philippi (@kylephilippi) breaks down Taylor’s schedule.

“Now that we know that the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. Can Taylor be there to support Travis Kelce?” he begins, before attempting to explain time zones to his bewildered onlookers.

To summarise, in his calculations, Taylor Swift will land at 8pm in Vegas on the 10th, allowing just enough time for her to get some rest before the Super Bowl starts at 10:30am on the 11th.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to see that kiss at the end of the Super Bowl,” Kyle finishes with a grin.

“If they win,” responds his guest. So true, sis, so true.

Next time I feel like I can’t be fucked going to my partner’s OzTag’s game on Monday nights, I’m going to think of Taylor Swift.