It Appears The Masked Singer Winner Has Leaked So Let’s File That Under A Big Whoopsie Daisy

It Appears The Masked Singer Winner Has Leaked So Let's File That Under A Big Whoopsie Daisy

Once again, someone has leaked the winner of a reality TV show to Sportsbet of all places. This time, it’s the winner of Masked Singer Australia.

The Masked Singer finale was secretly filmed in Melbourne and Sydney on Tuesday night after that whole COVID-19 cluster debacle. As of this morning, Queen – who is heavily rumoured to be none other than Kate Miller-Heidke – is the favourite with odds of just $1.30. 


So it very much sounds like someone (maybe from production or a cheeky family member or mate) leaked the Masked Singer winner overnight, causing the surge in bets.

Let us never forget when Sportsbet picked Emelia Jackson as the winner of MasterChefBack to Win halfway through the series, when Emelia had barely copped any screen time. Obviously, someone said something.

Bushranger, who people think is either Bonnie Anderson or Jessica Mauboy, is tipped to come second at $4, and Frillneck, who has to be Eddie Perfect, is at $7.50.

As an aside: I will eat my ass if Eddie Perfect is not Frillneck. I binge Offspring thrice a year, I know that voice. I know it. 

Production on the singing competition show shut down last month after seven crew members tested positive to the virus.

At the time, host Osher Günsberg said the crew were “literally two hours away” from recording the finale when filming was suspended.

The slight delay in production is why Channel 10 aired that very bonkers filler episode last night, which was pretty much a recap of the season so far.

The grand finale of Masked Singer Australia airs Monday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.

In the meantime, bachelor Locky Gilbert‘s love in lockdown continues tonight, same time as always.

We’ll finally be introduced to intruder, Bec Cvilikas, this evening. If you want the goss / a spoiler on Bec’s time on Bachie, click HERE.