OOPSIE: Stan Walker Accidentally Spoiled The Identity Of Bushranger From Masked Singer On Air

In another WHOOPSIE DAISY, Stan Walker just accidentally leaked Bushranger’s identity from The Masked Singer. 

Walker hopped on the Stav, Abby & Matt show on B105 this morning to chat about his new single, Bigger, which Walker has recorded in both English and Maori. His niece also features on the song, by the way. Very wholesome areas.

Anywho, Walker is really good mates with Jessica Mauboy, who is hotly believed to be Bushranger on Masked Singer. 

Since they’re friends, host Abby Coleman assumed Walker would’ve guessed Mauboy when he heard Bushranger sing.

Walker hasn’t watched the show though. He doesn’t have a TV either, because he’s always travelling, and he’s not actually in the country at the moment. In other words, Walker had no idea if this season of Masked Singer was still running or not.

But he does have social media. And people have been tagging him in Masked Singer posts non-stop.

This is when things got AWKWARD.

“I got tagged in it and I didn’t even know, I asked her when I actually watched her first when she got revealed, before actually seeing it -”

To which, the radio hosts said, “I don’t think she’s been revealed yet…”

*awkward silence*

“Oops,” Walker said.

You can listen to the interview for yourselves, right HERE.

Quickly moving on, Walker spent the rest of the interview talking about his brand new memoir, Impossiblewhich comes out October 8 around the country.

Bushranger / Jessica Mauboy (???) reached the top three of the singing competition, alongside Queen and Frillneck.

Queen is believed to be none other than Kate Miller-Heidke, which honestly checks out. Fillneck, meanwhile, has to be Offspring star Eddie Perfect. And I only say that because I’ve binged Offspring far too many times.

If you’re keen on some more Masked Singer spoilers, click here to find out who apparently wins the whole damn thing.

The Masked Singer grand finale airs Monday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.