Everyone Says Bushranger On Masked Singer Sounds Exactly Like Jess Mauboy & They Have A Point

We’ve had a few big-name singers dare to go on The Masked Singer so far. Christine Anu was on this season, while Cody Simpson took out the last season. So it’s actually not as far-fetched as it sounds to consider whether or not Bushranger is Jessica Mauboy.

But like, it totally does sound like Jess, right? That voice is distinct, and from what we’ve heard on the show so far, it’s a match.

In this writer’s opinion, Bushranger’s rendition of “Need You Now” by Lady A sounds just like Jess’ own banger “Sea of Flags”.

Not only that, but a fair few of the clues stack up, too.

But here’s the thing.

A bunch of nerds who are way better at guessing clues than I am reckon that while yes, it does sound exactly like Jess Mauboy, Bushranger is probably Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson.



Just to confirm, even the Bonnie-guessers will conceded how much like Jess it sounds.

None of this can stop us from dreaming, though.

Brb simultaneously telling myself Jess too good for a show like this while also praying for her to be behind that mask.