Here Are Two Masked Singer Spoilers Spotted On Insta If You’re Too Impatient For The Finale

Catch The Masked Singer semi-final last night? It was one helluva prickly ep, wasn’t it? (Hehe, Cactus joke).

I know you’ve clicked on this yarn for spoilers, but in case you’ve changed your mind, I won’t give away who Cactus is, but have a read of this for the answer.

Ok, so that was your final chance to back out if ya wanted to avoid spoilers, ‘cos here come a coupla doozies, and don’t come crying to me when you’re pissed that I’ve ruined it.

Our fave tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic! made a sneaky revelation on their Instagram last night.

In a spicy post, they shared a pic of both Julia Morris and Grant Denyer’s respective Instagrams, revealing that the official Masked Singer IG is following both of them.

A sign that they’re involved in the show, no?

Relax, we’re not solely basing this on the Instagram clues.

Podcast host Megan Pustetto revealed in a recent ep that she has it on good authority from an unnamed source that she knows a bunch of the singers.

Her five guesses were:

  1. Christina Anu (CORRECT!)
  2. Katie Noonan (CORRECT!)
  3. Sophie Monk – Dragonfly (CORRECT!)
  4. Grant Denyer (TBC)
  5. Julia Morris – Kitten (TBC)

So far she’s gotten most of them right, so I’m willing to bet she’s on the money with this one too.

Speaking on her KIISFM radio show, judge Jackie O Henderson assured fans that once everybody gets out of quarantine, they will tape the finale and the broadcast schedule won’t be interrupted.

Hopefully all will be revealed v. soon!