Turn Around Bright Eyes ‘Coz The Masked Singer’s Cactus Just Got De-Masked & I’m Shook

masked singer cactus reveal

We’re down to the semi-finals of the pure madness that is The Masked Singer Australia and Cactus has *finally* been de-masked as none other than Lucy Durack

Guesses included Lucy Durack (obviously), Amy Shark, Em Rusciano and Jane Seymour.

She performed a truly iconic cover of Bonnie Tyler’s hit track Total Eclipse Of The Heart and honestly, I’d turn around for those bright eyes.

For all of you playing at home, the clues for Lucy’s iconic Cactus included:

Clue #1: “Don’t let my looks fool you… I’m dangerous but I would rather keep that private.”

Clue #2: Cactus has survived harsh environments for a long time, my ancestors certainly did. But I’m a more modest cactus and I like to live more privately.

Clue #3: Family is important to me, it has made my past, present and future but how much do you REALLY know about my family?

Clue #4: Would I call myself driven? Yes i would but not at any cost.

Clue #5: I’ve never been too faced but with a cactus, what you see is what you get.

Clue #6: It’s amazing what a cactus can achieve in life

Clue #7: I’ve met royalty. Where I come from, my family almost is royalty

Clue #8: We’ve had many titles through history, but I trod my own path coming from the north

Clue #9: Climbing the ladder of success in my game is hard… I’m always afraid I’m going to fall