The Masked Singer’s Duster Was Just Revealed & I Wasn’t Expecting To See This Guy Back On TV

duster masked singer reveal

Duster has just been revealed on The Masked Singer Australia, and it was… George Calombaris. Safe to say, I would not have guessed this one???? Mostly because I had no idea this man was back on TV after his… scandal.

Funnily enough, the judges actually got kind of close with a guess of Gordon Ramsey. At least they’re both chef’s, right?

Anyway, for all of you playing along at home, the clues that would’ve given it away include:

Clue 1: Why am I a Duster? Because I’m never happier than when I’m busy. 

Clue 2: Do I try to do too much? Probably. That’s because everything has to look just right.

Clue 3: Visuals are very important in my game.

Clue 4: I’m a self-made Duster. No one gave me a break.

Clue 5: At 17 my future was set and fame came with it.

Clue 6: I knew I would be truly ready for public attention if I just stayed in my lane.

Clue 7: I am always on the ball.

Clue 8: Still, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. But I know victory is always there.

Clue 9: My face is known to one fifth of the entire world.

You can catch up on The Masked Singer Australia at 10Play.