Masked Singer’s Baby Has Just Been Revealed & You Might Recognise Her From Eurovision

baby masked singer Australia

Masked Singer Australia just revealed Baby and it was… Ella Hooper!!!

Ella Hooper was the lead singer of Killing Heidi before they broke up, and she’s also just a general Aussie icon. You might recognise her from Eurovision – Australia Decide, where she entered a song called ‘Data Dust’.

Honestly, I’m so impressed that Dannii Minogue, plus heaps of people on Twitter, actually guessed Ella correctly. Meanwhile, this whole time I’ve been convinced it was Celeste Barber under the mask. Oh well!

Here are all the clues that led to her reveal, for those of you following along at home:

Clue 1: I’m Baby and I don’t ever want to grow up.

Clue 2: I love flowers. I’ve been around them all my life.

Clue 3: I’m a baby so I’m short, but not short for anything in particular.

Clue 4: Aren’t these animals perfect? Well, I don’t like perfection. It makes me go wahh, wahh!

Clue 5: Am I the type to spit the dummy? I am not. That’s a nasty web you weave when you do that. And watch out for the spider bites.

Clue 6: I’ve been front and centre. And I’ve been on the wings. Front and centre is better.

Clue 7: When asked if they are a comedian, Baby said: “I stand up for what I believe in. And I am known for having a good laugh.”

Clue 8: Do I believe I can win The Masked Singer? Of course I do! I’ve crystallised it in my beliefs. And my beliefs are broad!

Clue 9: I’m wise beyond my years. There’s nothing school could teach me.

Clue 10: And, yet, the government come seeking MY advice.

Clue 11: I’m a baby, so I’m new.

Clue 12: A lot of people appreciate that about me. And when I’m big, there’ll be other new babies who need someone.

Clue 13: One day, I will have an all-consuming childhood dream. The only thing I want. And it will never happen. I’ll be known for something else.

Clue 14: I’m Baby and I’m gonna catch the other Masked Singers napping.

Clue 15: When put through the ‘mind reader’, Baby was shown to be thinking of a calendar that marked January 30th and 31st. Baby said: “Baby, can you please tell us what’s on your mind?”

Clue 16: A lot of people look at me – thousands and thousands at a time.

Clue 17: Early on, I got used to not being first.

Clue 18: I have a distinguished sporting pedigree. Only one of four people to hold this honour. But don’t work up a sweat about it.

Clue 19: I like my booties. Do you? I think I’ll wear them forever. They are something I just can’t live without.

Clue 20: Waah! Waah! I really like that sound. And I love the sound of steam.

Clue 21: In the behind the scenes footage, Baby was shown making a cup of tea.

Clue 22: I’m a baby, so I should enjoy dribbling but I don’t.

Clue 23: I want the big score, like a gift from heaven. I want to know my future. I don’t think I’ll have to wait long for it all to happen.

Clue 24: Not death! Run away! Run away!

Clue 25: Maybe I should get into music.

Clue 26: Although I have so much trouble with choruses. I oppose them one on one.

Clue 27: I like to play where it’s warm, not where it’s cold.

Clue 28: Maybe that’s why my family headed north.

Clue 29: I’m a baby and I’m gonna take The Masked Singer trophy!

Clue 30: We all need to change.

Clue 31: But I don’t want you to see my bot-bot. That is something I dread all the time. That, and my American thighs.

Clue 32: From the very start, I felt weary, like an old mid-’60s Holden.

Clue 33: Lately, I’ve been feeling more benevolent.

Clue 34: I’m just a baby, which means I cry when I really want to roar. But I get my voice out there. I’m heard and I have a lot to say.

Clue 35: Being a baby means having a lot of trust in others, whether it’s one other person or a few more.

Well, that was something, wasn’t it! You can watch Masked Singer Australia on 10Play.