Microphone Was Unveiled On The Masked Singer So Sadly, They Were Not A Survivor

microphone is revealed on the masked singer australia

In perhaps the most tense competition since the Olympics, the second semifinal of The Masked Singer aired tonight and Microphone was revealed to be none other than REAL LIFE DESTINY’S CHILD MICHELLE WILLIAMS.

Abbie Chatfield cried and so did I. Let me repeat: Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams! On our very own The Masked Singer Australia!

The semifinal saw Snapdragon, Microphone, Mirrorball and Rooster face off after Blowfly was unveiled on Monday night’s ep. In case you missed it, Blowfly was the one and only Shannon Noll.

Microphone performed ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey and by God, it was even better than the Glee version. There, I said it.

We also got to see all four contestants perform together, which was cute, but alas Microphone and Rooster were in the bottom two.

A killer performance by Michelle Williams? What an absolute bloody high to end The Masked Singer Australia’s second semifinal on. The only thing that could’ve made it better is if Williams performed ‘Girl’ (the best Destiny’s Child song) but that’s my only complaint.

From Beychella to The Masked Singer Australia. What a bloody whirlwind.

And in an absolute win for girl band members worldwide, Mel B correctly guessed Microphone’s identity.

Abbie Chatfield also had a Destiny’s Child-themed guess, though she put her money on LeToya Luckett, one of the band’s OG members.

Hughesy went for Cyndi Lauper — certainly a choice — while Chrissie Swan guessed Brandy.

While I’m sad to see Microphone’s pipes exit stage left, I can’t lie, I’m getting bloody pumped for the Grand Finale on Sunday.

In case you missed the clues on this episode of The Masked Singer Australia, here’s a little refresher for you:

Clue One: This competition doesn’t scare me, I’ve outlasted others before, I know I have the heart for it. 

Clue Two: Despite what people say, I am not an only child! 

Clue Three: Hopes and prayers are great, I love ’em, but sometimes throwin’ a bit of cash at a problem can help too. 

Clue Four: Microphones are incredibly versatile. A lead singer uses one, so does a backup singer. A dancer? Not as much. 

Clue Five: I’m Microphone and I will outlast the others!

You can catch up with The Masked Singer Australia on 10Play.