We’ve Figured Out Who’s Behind Each Masked Singer Costume So Let’s Unmask Them, Shall We?

The Masked Singer Australia 2022 kicked off last week and may I just say, what a fabulous start to the season!

During the first few episodes, a bunch of clues were unveiled and the internet is absolutely BRIMMING with theories.

Let’s have a peek at who everyone reckons is behind each mask from the first round of singers.

Who is behind The Masked Singer Australia 2022 masks?


The clues: Rooster was given a carton of eggs with just seven eggs inside, then giving a lesson Rooster pointed at a series of words: naughtiness, scandal, turpitude, opprobrium and gossip. A bodyguard also held up a ring after the lesson. Then, holding up binoculars, Rooster looked to the skies as the shadow of a helicopter flew across a full moon. Finally, Rooster stood in front of a blackboard that had a photo of Liza Minelli and a map of Nepal on it.

The theory: Hugh Sheridan



Clues: “I’m Microphone and I’m here to bring some real glamour. I didn’t start in a place like this, in fact, I took quite a different path and doubted my own abilities but I eventually learned to believe in me. Microphones are meant for those special, uplifting moments. We know the dark times too, but you only see the purple patches. I believe you make your own future, but a bit of luck never hurts either! I was almost involved in a life of crime, and my parents would have been proud! I got two years, but thankfully I had the best lawyer money can buy.”

Theory #1: Michelle Williams.

Theory #2: Jessica Mauboy.


The clues: “I’m Snapdragon, and I’ve got the looks and the bite. Snapdragons may not breathe fire, but we are determined. The world of flowers is tough, we compete for our time in the sun, but even then, you don’t really see me as I am. That’s why some people call me mysterious. I’m Snapdragon, and it’s time for me to blossom.”

Theory: So Dramatic! reckons it’s Eurovision singer Sheldon Riley.


The clues: “Hi, I’m Popcorn. Let’s have some fun! I went from nothing to huge in the blink of an eye, or that’s how it seems to you, but there’s a lot of work in being an overnight success. Wikipedia says Popcorn’s ancestors come from Mexico, I don’t think that’s true, but maybe it is because I’ve been in many places. It’s hard to know where home is. If I got stuck on a desert island, who would I want to be with? Kylie, of course, and Lady Gaga. I’m Popcorn, and I’m here to have fun!”

Theory: So Dramatic! has deduced that Popcorn is singer Sam Sparrow.


The clues, per 10play: “The fantastic Mirrorball knows how to turn any room into a party, and her ability to hit some incredible notes blew the judges away. In her clues, Mirrorball was cracking out some classic disco dance moves. She stood proudly between a Mexican flag and a flag with the number 48 on it, but a fireball saw the 48 turn to ashes, while the bodyguard holding the first flag had a thought bubble that said ‘That’s hot!’ Mirrorball also reclined behind a piano that had two framed photos on top of it, one of John Travolta and the other of Uma Thurman.”

Theory #1: Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls

Theory #2: Kylie Minogue



The clues, per 10play: “Our very first celeb flew onto the stage and immediately put the panel on the edge of their seats. Seen playing cricket in front of a mob of kangaroos, Blowfly also showed off their sprinting ability, doing a dash between two chequered flags that each had the number 10 on it. Later, Blowfly looked to be delivering a pizza to a doctor, but when they opened the box they revealed a single yabby that exploded into a massive fireball. But the pizza motif continued when Blowfly stood outside a pizzeria advertising German sausage pizza as the special of the day.”

The theory: Shannon Noll


The clues, per 10play: “I’m Zombie and my performances will live forever. I used to feel entitled but I’m not as green as I used to be… or as orange. Would you care for a baked potato? I’m a Zombie, I’m not wicked but I’m not magical either. I was once upon a time. I’m Zombie and I’d rather die than lose The Masked Singer.”

The theory: Emma Wiggle


The clues, per 10play: “I’m the Thong, I’m familiar, I’m comfortable and an Aussie icon with a background overseas. However, I’m better known for my work with M&M. I love a barbie, and I also like a banquet… not at this beach though. I hope it’s fish! I really love fish. Is a humble thong worthy of admiration? I think so and that’s why I’ll win The Masked Singer!”

The theory: Bindi Irwin

The Masked Singer Australia 2022 judges

This year’s judges include reality star turned influencer Abbie Chatfield, comedian David “Hughsey” Hughes, radio host Chrissie Swan and Spice Girls singer Mel B.

Have a read of our chat with Abbie about the spicy new season.

The Masked Singer Australia continues tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.