The reality TV calendar is ticking towards the most chaotic time of the year: The Masked Singer Australia season four.

Plus we have a spicy new judging panel battling it out for chaotic-costume-guessing glory.

The cursed show that puts B-and-below Grade celebrities into nightmare fuel costumes and makes them sing on stage in front of a crowd of hyped-up people in other animal costumes (possibly low-budget furries) is coming in hot.

Every year there’s swelling drama and rumours around The Masked Singer. Who’s going to be in the costumes? Which local celebrities will be on the judging/guessing panel? Will anyone ever be as good as Lindsay Lohan who really phoned it in for a whole season?

As season four approaches, here’s everything we know about the show that feels more like a fever dream than a legitimate program on the telly.

Everything We Know About The Masked Singer Australia Season 4

When Does The Season Start?

The official premiere date for season four of The Masked Singer Australia is Sunday August 7th. Prepare your giant buckets of popcorn in advance.

Who’s Rumoured To Be Starring In This Season?

Some of the rumoured cast of The Masked Singer have been leaked and this season is already absolutely serving.

The Daily Mail revealed the potential celebs starring on the show. You can colour me intrigued.

Top of the list is TV host Grant Denyer. I didn’t know he could sing but I suppose sheer vocal talent isn’t 100 per cent the point of The Masked Singer.

According to The Daily Mail, he was first rumoured to be appearing on the show a full two years ago. I hope he’s been preparing his setlist in the meantime.

Another big name is known Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton. An inside source told The Daily Mail that judge and Spice Girl Mel B recognised Thornton’s voice from within the Mirrorball costume. Mel Supremacy!!

Plus, apparently Baby Spice Emma Bunton was seen eating out with Mel B in Sydney. A Spice Girls reunion? Let’s go gays and girls.

In an interview with 101.9’s Fifi, Fev & Nick, judge David Hughes refused to comment on whether Bunton would be starring on the show. Mysterious, mysterious.

And bringing up The Daily Mail‘s rumour list is Eurovision icon Sheldon Riley and my personal lesbian awakening, Charli Robinson from Hi-5.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more keen to watch haunted costumes bop around.

What Are The Masks On This Season?

Three of the masks for season four were unveiled on July 5th and they’re all just as cursed as you’d expect.

First up we have the Mirrorball which looks scarily like the ceiling of Revs after a few too many strong shandies. Then we’ve got the Zombie, who looks like a flight attendant from hell. And then there’s the adorable and alarmingly-large Thong. Does what it says on the tin, really. It’s a big-ass thong.

Who Will Be On The Judging Panel?

The majority of last season’s judges yeeted out of the show. But have no fear because the new judging line up looks absolutely incredible.

Abbie ChatfieldChrissie Swan and actual bonafide Spice Girl Mel B will be joining Dave Hughes on the judging panel.

In a statement, Mel B said she’s missed Australia “so much”. She also reckons she’ll have an edge on the other judges because she’d competed in-costume on The Masked Singer UK and The Masked Singer Spain. She’s quite literally been ~inside the mask~.

“I’m bringing all my secret inside knowledge to this. But more to the point, I’m bringing the fun,” she said.

“Fasten your seatbelts everyone, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.”

Fellow The Masked Singer Australia judge and Shepard avocado hater Abbie Chatfield said she was “thrilled” to be joining the show.

“I’m the first to say I can be competitive and I’m so ready to put my pop culture knowledge to the test and guess who is under the mask,” Abbie Chatfield said.

The Herald Sun previously predicted Abbie Chatfield could be taking one of the seats at the judges’ desk. And Melb B was previously rumoured to be a judge on The Masked Singer Australia too. As Lizzo once said: all the rumours are true.

Melbourne Fox 101.9 producer Leon Sjogren previously predicted a Spice Girl would be joining the show after a long run of nailing the identities of the masked performers.

Past judges of The Masked Singer Australia include Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Dannii Minogue and Urzila Carlson.

Henderson quit the show’s judging panel after three years of working on the program. She posted on Instagram on June 4 about leaving and said it was an “incredibly tough decision” but filming always happened during school holiday time and she wanted to go spend more time with her daughter.

Why Did The Masked Singer Australia judges quit?

Fans were shocked to learn that not one, not two, but THREE judges had left the show in 2022.

A sneaky source close to production told So Dramatic! that while scheduling conflicts with all three departing gals was accurate, there’s another reason why they didn’t sign on for another year.

“Jackie and Danni asked for a pay rise this year due to the immense success of the show over the last two years. They thought they were worth more and deserved it, given that the show owes its success to them,” the source spilled.

Apparently production would not “budge” on their final price and so the gals left.

“They had a different opinion and think the show’s success is due to the talent and names they can get behind the masks,” they said.

“So, they are spending up big on talent this year, instead of allocating more money from the budget to cover the judges’ pay.”

The source added that there’s “no bad blood” and “no animosity, they just decided it wasn’t worth it.”

How much are the new The Masked Singer Australia 2022 judges getting paid?

So Dramatic! revealed that Mel B AKA Scary Spice is believed to have been offered around half a million dollars, which is fair given her celebrity status.

Meanwhile Abbie Chatfield copped a whopping $100k, which is significantly less than Mel’s payday, but totally fair given she’s new to talent shows.

As for Chrissie and Hughesy, they’re both still under contract for Ten, hence why they’re both part of the show.

When Did Season Four Of The Masked Singer Australia Filming?

The Masked Singer Australia was filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney over most of July. The callout for the show’s studio audience listed dates of filming between June 30 and July 20 with each session kicking off in the afternoon.

Image: Instagram / @themaskedsingerau