Apparently Macy Gray, grammy-winning icon and musical royalty, was so devo about being voted off Masked Singer Australia that she just… refused to leave the show??

Last night’s episode saw Atlantis voted off, and it was revealed that the person under the mask was Macy Gray, which is HUGE. An international sensation!!! With multiple grammy nominations! We love to see it.

However, while watching the reveal and Gray’s speech after, I noticed she seemed put-out. She gave short answers to the judges questions, and was generally a bit low-spirited. I honestly wanted to give her a hug.

I thought maybe I was just reading too much into it, but as it turns out, she was down — because apparently she really, really wanted to stay on the show. So badly, in fact, that she straight up refused to ‘take it off’. This show gets more chaotic every day, it seems!

Judge Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes told 2Day FM’s Morning Crew about what happened, and it seems like this was an entire ordeal.

“Macy Gray had such passion for the Masked Singer Australia that when she was told that she had to leave the show, which you saw last night, she refused to leave the show,” he said.

“She said ‘No, I’m continuing in the show’ and there had to be a discussion which went for quite a while as to ‘No, you have to leave’. She said ‘No, I’m not leaving’. The thing is, we can’t do the end of the show unless the head comes off.”

“So she still had the head on, and they’re saying ‘Hey Macy slash Atlantis, we need you to take the head off so you can go’ to which she’s responding ‘No I’m keeping the head on’?” Ed Kavalee clarified, while Erin Molan wondered if maybe Gray wanted to stay on the show for $$$.

“I don’t know the contractual situation …,” Hughesy said, before complaining that it took ages to convince Gray to take the mask off.

“It took quite a while, and we’re like ‘What is going on, we want to go home’. We’re out the back, saying ‘What’s happening?’.

“She was very gracious on air, a real professional. But off air, wanted to stay. Vinnie Jones, you couldn’t get him out quicker”.

Honestly, the whole situation is bizarre considering she is major famous. I had no idea Australian reality TV had this much pull, but hey – maybe performing on Masked Singer Australia is just really freakin’ fun.