The First Masked Singer Celeb Has Been Unveiled, Proving He’s Both Unlucky In Love And Singing

Knight has just unveiled himself on The Masked Singer Australia and it was Ryan Moloney. Toadfish Rebecchi is BACK, baby.

The performance was rogue, it was bold and in all honesty I have no idea how it reeked of Toadie. My Neighbours lore is not up to scratch, evidently.

The judges were equally as bamboozled. Chrissie Swan was convinced it was Nick Cummins while Dave Hughes hedged his bets on David Hasselhoff. Maybe he just felt a connection because they share the same first name, per chance.

Mel B thought it was Brendan Fevola and Abbie Chatfield wanted it to be Shannon Noll so bad.

But no, it was Mr. Toadfish. The Masked Singer Australia, you truly had me on the edge of my seat.

In case you were playing along at home, the clues that would’ve given it away include:

Clue 1: I am the Knight, the closest that Australia has to true royalty.

Clue 2: I am a Knight but I prefer the evening.

Clue 3: To get where I am I had to fight my way through, travel to true respect.

Clue 4: This is my trusty steed, far happier to see me now than in the past. I like it more than horseless carriages.

Clue 5: Easy there lightning, I have other plans.

Clue 6: I wouldn’t say I was unforgettable but I am more often forgotten than not.

Clue 7: Still, the good people of Switzerland almost sent me flowers, golden ones, but I prefer deep purple.

Intriguing, to say the least.

You can catch up on The Masked Singer Australia at 10Play.