Geri Halliwell Says Stop Right There, Thank You Very Much, To Rumours Of A Spice Girls Oz Tour

It now looks like an Oz Spice Girls tour is about as likely as Harry Styles responding to my love-professing DM or Pauline Hanson winning the Nobel Peace Prize  – pretty fucking unlikely.

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The Daily Telegraph reported that Geri Horner (AKA. The Almighty Ginger Spice) is already out, ’cause she “doesn’t need the cash”.

Rumours of an Oz world tour early next year were kickstarted by Mel B putting her foot in it on stage a few months back. Actually no, she put her whole leg.

If you need some reminding, or just want to get disappointed all over again, here’s Scary Spice telling a big, bad fib and getting everyone really excited.

Mel later jumped on her old fix-it bike and started back-pedalling on her previous announcement that the Spice Girls were coming here early next year.

“So I announced it on stage, yes, without everyone else signing off 100 percent. I figured that if I put it out there, then maybe it’s going to happen, because I’ve been putting it out there for seven years,” she later told Breakfast with Grant, Ed & Ash.

Alrighty then, guess it’s time to crank Spice World at full pelt and scream cry. Don’t mind me.