Now stay with us on this one, because the “official line” is that it didn’t happen. It’s just that the “official line” also happens to smell like hot-buttered bullshit. And it’s a spicy yarn regardless, so here we bloody go: Emma Stone, she of modern Hollywood royalty, may – or may not – have suffered a broken shoulder while attending a Spice Girls gig in London.

Again, we insist you strap in for this one.

The story goes that Stone has relocated to London for the northern hemisphere summer, where her upcoming turn as iconic Disney supervillain Cruella de Vil in the 101 Dalmatians prequel Cruella will be filmed.

There, Stone hit up Wembley Stadium a few days ago to take in the on-going Spice Girls reunion tour, meeting her namesake Emma Bunton in the process.

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Now here’s where the story splits in two: According to The Sun (look, we know), during that show Stone suffered a broken shoulder after she fell from a friend’s shoulders, where she had been sitting as your average gig punter is wont to do.

According to those reports, Stone didn’t realise how serious the injury was for a few days, believing she’d just done herself a bad bruise or somesuch, before finally seeking medical attention and confirming the break.

Other subsequent reports, citing “a source close to” Stone, claims that she while she did indeed hurt her shoulder, she actually did it after “slipping on a floor” at home. Which, come on, sounds as fake as the day is short right now.

That report emerged after the initial claims asserted Stone’s injury has thrown production on Cruella into “crisis,” with the quote-unquote close source asserting production on the movie hasn’t even started yet, and Stone’s injury – which she did not suffer at a Spice Girls gig – would not affect filming.

What to make of all that? Hard to bloody say. It’s an absolutely bullshit excuse to suggest Stone merely slipped on a floor at home and that’s how she broke her shoulder. ‘Course it’s also hard to imagine Extremely Famous Person Emma Stone mingling with the GA pack at Wembley to the point where she’d go full Festival Fashions by jumping up the back of a sturdy nearby friend.

What we can glean from it is that Emma Stone is currently nursing a broken shoulder probably, and there’s a decent chance she did it while wilding out to Stop.

And honestly, who among has never absolutely stacked it at a gig before.

Image: Instagram / Emma Bunton