The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Just Wrapped Up And Fans Are Bloody Stoked With The Result

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 concluded this morning (Aussie time) and it’s fair to say fans are bloody stoked with the result. A cheeky little warning, this article will contain SPOILERS so don’t read any further if you’re planning on watching the repeat later tonight. You’ve been WARNED!

So without any further ado, the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest held in Torino, Italy was UKRAINE!

You know what? Ukraine bloody deserves it. The blend of traditional folk music and contemporary rap proved to be a winning formula that turned many heads throughout its run to the Eurovision 2022 final.

You can suss out Ukraine’s full performance of ‘Stefania’ by Kalush Orchestra here.

The Eurovision 2022 win is Ukraine’s third ever in the competition’s history with ‘Wild Dances’ by Ruslana taking the crown in 2004 and ‘Solovey’ by Go_A nabbing first place in 2016.

The other big story of the night (for Australians at least) was 23-year-old Sheldon Riley.

After a spirited performance in the semi and grand final, Riley was pipped at the post for a spot in the top 10 against very stiff competition.

The Aussie did us proud against strong acts from Armenia, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany.

You might remember Sheldon from his performances on The X Factor and The Voice. He came third on The Voice (pretty impressive if you ask me) and then competed on The Voice All Stars.

Now, you may be wondering, “how the fuck are we competing in Eurovision?”

Well, Australia was first invited to perform at the 2014  semi-final interval. Clearly, the Europeans fucking loved it because we then got invited to compete in 2015.

It was the 60th anniversary of Eurovision and the theme was ‘Building Bridges’. It would take a pretty fkn big bridge to get to Australia, so I guess the power of song had to do.

And look, Eurovision loved us so much that it’s kept inviting us back! Australia will be in the competition until at least 2023 because SBS secured a five year deal in 2019. Go, team!

Eurovision 2022 will be rebroadcast at a much more family-friendly time of 7.30pm Sunday night.

For a sweet list of past winners’ songs, suss our cheeky ranking here.