The Masked Singer’s Zombie Has Been Unveiled And Aussie Kids Are Gonna Be Traumatised

The Masked Singer Australia

Zombie on the Masked Singer Australia has just been unmasked and it’s legend Emma Watkins from The Wiggles. Now, that is certainly one hot potato.

The four masks that went massive-head to massive-head tonight were Blowfly, Mirrorball, Zombie and Microphone — with Mirror Ball and Zombie in the bottom two.

For Zombie, the panel guessed Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Bec Hewitt, Rachel McAdams and Emma Watkins from the Wiggles (who Channel 10 sweetheart Chrissy Swan guessed correctly.)

Hughesy, was as per usual way off the mark with his guessing. At one point guessing Blowfly was the very dead classical singer Pavarotti. In fact, dear Hughsey was so bad at guessing that this one guy on Twitter is now petitioning for him to be replaced by the inanimate carbon rod from The Simpsons and I concur.

In case you were playing along at home, the clues that would’ve given it away include:

Clue one: I’m a Zombie but I don’t follow the pack, my teenage years were spent in the golden arches!

Clue two: Now, I have quite a few strings to my bow… yellow and black? I was saving that for myself!

Clue three: What I do is dangerous work, ill health seems to follow zombies wherever they go.

Clue four: I haven’t always had the drive, but I do know my place and my place isn’t doing this. I’m Zombie, and I’m ready for takeoff!

Emma Watkins is known for joining the revamped Wiggles in 2013 as the first woman to join the famous musical group. She has since retired her yellow jersey, but is launching a new children’s character called Emma Memma.

You can catch up on The Masked Singer Australia at 10Play.