The Masked Singer’s Tiger Has Been Revealed & Every Boomer Mum Is Gonna Need A Cold Shower

Jamie Durie is revealed as the masked singer au's tiger

The Masked Singer AU is back for more Sunday night shenanigans. Tonight it was revealed that Tiger was none other than gardening guru, Order of Australia recipient and resident hunka-spunk Jamie Durie. Someone go check on mum, she’s gonna need a moment.

Right out of the gate we knew this episode would be a banger when we were treated to a stunning clip of judge Dave Hughes and his impeccably quiffed hair (which we suspect has its own contract with Channel 10) in the makeup chair.

At the end of the day, it came down to a battle between king of the jungle Tiger and queen of the candy bar Popcorn.

As someone who worked at a cinema for six years, a life-size popcorn costume is enough to bring back a flurry of buttery trauma. Hence, I was deffo rooting for Tiger.

Sadly, my cinema snack trauma was doomed to continue as Popcorn was declared safe and Tiger forced to unmask.

After the standard 47 minutes of unmasking struggle, Tiger was eventually revealed as notorious hedge-pruner and man whose skincare routine I’d very much like to copy, Jamie Durie.

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This news comes mere days after The Masked Singer AU revealed Thong was in fact bonafide Aussie legend Pia Miranda all along. Yes, the rhyme was intentional.

Before that, The Masked Singer AU’s resident creepy crawly caterpillar changed into the beautiful butterfly Lisa Curry.

This season of The Masked Singer AU has been a wild ride for regular viewers and mask kinks alike.

If you’re a regular Sherlock Holmes in your own lunchbox, you can peep our full clues and best guesses article here.

May the odds be ever in your favour.