Dave Hughes Got Into An ‘Absolutely Hectic’ Fight With Mel B While Filming The Masked Singer

Spice Girls singer Mel B AKA Scary Spice is in town filming The Masked Singer 2022 and apparently she’s living up to her “scary” name.

While appearing on The Project, fellow judge Dave Hughes claimed he clashed with the star.

“We’ve got a new panel. We’re actually already filming, and it’s hectic! Absolutely hectic. I tell you what – I know why Scary Spice is called Scary Spice,” he said.

“I love her, and she knows it, but me and her have a relationship going. She told me to beep off in our first meeting.”

Dave said they likely clashed because they’re both strong personalities.

“Because I’ve got my own ideas and she has hers, and sometimes they clash. I love her though. And she knows I love her,” Dave continued.

He added that Mel got ticked off when he picked the names of deceased celebs while trying to figure out who was behind the masks.

“I keep guessing dead people on the show. She doesn’t understand that’s my thing. She just doesn’t understand,” he said.

Dave said Mel “knows every celebrity in the world” and got annoyed when he guessed her mates.

“When I guess Taylor Swift, she goes, ‘I know Taylor. She isn’t that tall’. I said, ‘You haven’t seen her for a few months – she might have shrunk’.”

The Masked Singer 2022 is coming soon to Ten.