Dave Hughes Says Lindsay Lohan’s Ciggie Breaks Are Disrupting ‘Masked Singer’ Production

You can take the stubborn actress out of Hollywood but you can’t take Hollywood out of the stubborn actress… or something like that… Anyway, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly being a total diva on the set of The Masked Singer Australia and we ain’t surprised at all.

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Comedian Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, who shares a panel on the series with Lohan, Danni Minogue and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, shared some behind-the-scenes goss about LiLo’s on-set antics.

Speaking on his radio show Hughesy & Kate, Dave recalled his first awks meeting with Lindsay which included a discussion about ciggies.

“I led with ‘hello’ and then I said, ‘I’m on the panel’. You know, thinking maybe she didn’t know who I was,” Dave said.

“She said, ‘I know’. She knew I was on the panel. Not like, ‘I know, that’s a good thing’, just like, ‘I know’.”

He adds: “She keeps her cards close to the table. She has no need to impress me!”


Dave admitted that he followed the actress when she went for a cigarette break during a four-hour workshop.

“She complained about the fact she had to go downstairs to smoke cigarettes and I said, ‘You shouldn’t have to go downstairs,’” he recounted.

“She’s not happy to follow the rules but she’s not going to break the rules.”

The comic revealed that Lindsay took so long on her little smoko that they were forced to start the workshop without her.

“The discussion was had: ‘Let’s start, we don’t know how long Lindsay’s going to be’,” he recalled. “We thought maybe she’s not going to come back!”

Dave said that after a 15-minute cigarette break, Lindsay eventually returned with her personal note-taker.

“Someone else came in with Lindsay. Someone came to take notes on Lindsay’s behalf,” he said. “Fair enough! Why does Lindsay have to take notes?”

Always a spectacle, god love her.