Wizard On Masked Singer Was Just Revealed & Turns Out The Whole Country Was Right About Him

We’ve been saying it for weeks. So have you. Turns out Wizard from Masked Singer is X-Factor winner and Eurovision star Isaiah Firebrace.

Even Jackie O had called it on this very episode after unpacking the clue about the azalea flower – apparently a reference to X-Factor judge Iggy Azalea.

Tonight, he did cover of certified banger “Raise Your Glass” by P!nk and it actually slapped so hard. Shame he was booted so soon.

For all of you playing along at home, the clues that gave it all away are below:

Clue #1: “My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice, but who’s having the last laugh now?”

Clue #2: “I understand the power of magic.”

Clue #3: “I believe in the unexpected.”

Clue #4: “I feel connected to the Earth… grounded”

Clue #5: “The power isn’t in everyone…”

Clue #6: “I want the power, the more power the better, and to be in control at all times.”

Clue #7: “There are others like me – many others – but I found myself in a smaller group, eventually just alone.”

Clue #8: “My abilities were recognised young, and my mentor showed me the road which I should take. The hours were long but I persevered.”

Clue #9: “Rock music was not in my path, but I love heavy metal.”

Clue #10: “My magic was felt from a young age. It’s in my DNA but it wasn’t recognised by everyone.”

Clue #11: “My greatest success is not in the land of my birth. I have always travelled for my growth.”

Clue #12: “I feel the magic in others and take their guidance, but eventually, you must go your own way.”

Clue #13: “I am considered a lucky charm by a great sporting Aussie champion.”

Clue #14: “Life can be tough but you can work and strive to smite the odds.”

Clue #15: “Despite setbacks I remained undefeated with the help of royalty.”

Clue #16: “With my arms open wide, I feel I can embrace all of humanity.”

Clue #17: “As a child, I was not allied to listen to pop music, the first song I ever heard was on this Sony Diskman.”

X-Factor, Eurovision, The Masked Singer. Let’s see what televised singing comp he appears in next, hey.