Everyone Reckons The Masked Singer’s Dolly Is Comedian Em Rusciano & The Evidence Holds Up

The Masked Singer

I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed with The Masked Singer Australia, and it’s the only thing getting me through the Melbourne lockdown right now. Part of the reason I love the show is because of the guessing commentary on Twitter. One guess I’ve noticed that keeps getting thrown around is that Em Rusciano is Dolly, and looking at the evidence I think they’re right.

On tonight’s ep of The Masked Singer more clues about Dolly were revealed which have convinced a bunch of people on Twitter that comedian, writer, singer and radio presenter Em Rusciano is behind the mask.

You can read over all the clues in our The Masked Singer masterlist here. But below are some of the clues that lead people to think it’s Rusciano under that adorable Dolly costume.

  • My dreams aren’t what they used to be. I’ve been through a change and I am definitely off the leash! (She has had multiple career changes from athlete to singer to comedian).
  • I’m a dolly, not a dolly bird. After missing my dream in Sydney, 2004 was when I made my mark. (Rusciano nearly went to the Sydney Olympics, and was on Australian Idol in 2004).
  • Am I the queen? Yes, but also the joker. Was it my dream to be a dolly? No, it wasn’t. But I’ve made a career of being in the right place at the right time. (the joker might be a reference to her being a comedian).
  • The heart is unpredictable. It has its needs, but remember, tomorrow is a brand-new day. (‘Brand New Day’ is the name of one of her songs). 

Aside from the spoken clues, there’s also the visual clues like a photo of Sammy Davis Jr (her dad played in the band) and the three baby borns (she has three kids).

When placed in the ‘mind reader’, Dolly is shown to be imagining a sexy pack of abs. When asked what’s on her mind, Dolly says: “Attraction can be very, very complicated. And sometimes not.”

That might be a clue about her husband, who is a PT/Life Coach and more than likely has abs.

Ok, I’m sold. If Em Rusciano is not on The Masked Singer I will truly be shocked.