Masked Singer’s Goldfish Was Revealed & Finally I Don’t Have To Pretend To Know Who TF It Is

masked singer goldfish christine anu

Our beloved Goldfish was officially de-masked on The Masked Singer tonight, revealing none other than the uber-talented Christine Anu.

Unfortunately her iconic performance of It’s My Life by Bon Jovi wasn’t enough to save her this time around.

For all of you playing at home, the clues that gave it away were as follows:

Clue #1: “I’m not just gold, I’m quite precious… and a lot tougher than I look.”

Clue #2: “My upbringing was very physical.”

Clue #3″ “I achieved something unforgettable in Sydney in 2000.”

Clue #4: “I love children and children love goldfish.”

Clue #5: “They don’t all want to grow up and be goldfish but sometimes they do. You just have to allow them to let their hair down and follow their dream.”

Clue #6: “We goldfish don’t really have a home and that makes me sad.”

Clue #7: “I only knew what I wanted to do because of Johnny Young but I was no Dannii Minogue.”

Clue #8: “It took a while to get there but I mostly found myself in the background.”

Clue #9: “Seen but not heard and that is completely wrong because I’m going to be heard tonight.”

Clue #10: “For a while I shared my name with an Eastern goddess.”

I hate to say it, but I’m just glad this is one I actually knew. I mean it when I say this: Anu it.

The Masked Singer Australia continues Tuesday on Channel 10.