The Pinata On The Masked Singer Australia Was Just Revealed And I Can’t Say I Guessed This One

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer’s Piñata has just been revealed and I honestly did expect that at all.

Turns out the man behind the Piñata was none other than Rugby Union champion, Lote Tuqiri.

Tuqiri has represented Australia in Rugby Union and League, as well as Fiji in Rugby League. He’s now the co-founder of his own content marketing agency.

If you guessed completely differently and want to know where you went wrong, have a squizz at The Masked Singer clues below:

Clue one: I’ve moved many, many times, chasing my dreams. Luckily, I’m comfortable with both home and away.

Clue two: Piñata don’t have claws… ..usually. I’ve learned to be aggressive. Other times, I’m soft and cuddly.

Clue three: When I started my career, I had the luck of the Irish. And my luck never really left me. I’d bet my name on it. Although I did back the wrong group in Melbourne.

Clue four: My brethren have supported me all the way. To be sure, to be sure.

Clue five: You’d never guess I was a scholar. Looks can be deceiving. Right?

Clue six: When the judges asked if Piñata was born in the UK, they responded: “Let me say this much. Australia has become my home away from home.”

Clue seven: In my business, natural talent only gets you so far. To be successful, you really have to try and no horsing around.

Clue eight: I’m colourful and I’m comfortable with others dressed colourfully – red, yellow, purple – whatever. And I’m not afraid to unwrap my presents in public.

Clue nine: This Pinata ain’t just hanging around. I’m gonna fly, like I always do.

Clue ten: When put through the ‘mind reader’, Piñata was shown to be thinking of the moon and said: “Pinatas are asked to work in the weirdest places.”

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