Somebody Just Leaked A Bunch Of Masked Singer Spoilers & They Already Got The Goldfish Right

masked singer spoilers

A whole bunch of The Masked Singer spoilers have been leaked, according to the So Dramatic! Podcast and after tonight’s episode, they’ve got at least one right.

If the podcast’s inside source is to be believed, the following celebrities are all set to be de-masked this season: Julia Morris, Grant Denyer, Christine Anu, Katie Noonan and Sophie Monk.

The podcast went live before Monday’s episode of The Masked Singer, which revealed that Christine Anu was, in fact, under the Goldfish mask. This means that whoever the anonymous source is either has some inside goss, or is just really bloody good at guessing.

But if the source *is* correct, which masks are the other celebrities hiding behind?

We’re already pretty sure Sophie Monk is the Dragonfly, so we don’t really need to debate that.

Punters have guessed Julia Morris is behind a couple of the masks including the Goldfish (wrong), the Dragonfly (also probably wrong) and the Queen. But most people reckon she’s actually the kitten.

Meanwhile, my fellow Big Cat Truther Grant Denyer seems to fit the bill for the puppet. Although, we’ve never seen him sing like that.

And last, but certainly not least, fans reckon Katie Noonan is the QUEEN. Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, our nights team (comprised of myself and Zac Crellin) are wholeheartedly convinced that the Queen is our IRL queen Kate Miller-Heidke, but if this alleged leak *is* correct, she simply must be the queen.

Don’t believe it? I didn’t either but the internet is pretty sure of it.