Kitten From The Masked Singer Was Just Revealed & Yeah, It’s Exactly Who Everyone Expected

We’re approaching the tail end of The Masked Singer, and now the stars behind the masks are actually starting to get fairly big. This time around, it was Aussie comedian Julia Morris who turned out to be Kitten.

This one was pretty damn obvious. People had literally been guessing her for weeks.

That is, except judge Urzila who kept guessing fkn Susan Boyle for some reason. Guesses from the (other) judges over the weeks included Ricki-Lee CoulterRebel Wilsosn and, uhh, Julia Gillard. They’re a strange lot, those judges.

Morris finished the show by singing “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore, and tbh, she’s gone too soon. For all you playing at home, here are some of the clues from over the weeks:

Clue #1: Even this tiny kitten has taken out some high flyers in the past

Clue #2: This kitten has claws but I’m no keyboard warrior. In fact, I’m quite gentile online.

Clue #3: Let’s just say I’m not afraid to get it out there.

Clue #4: I have a vision, and I’m always looking for opportunities, you just never know where you’ll find them

Clue #5: I’m no opera singer. But being judged for my singing voice isn’t entirely new for me.

Clue #6: I like to bring people down a peg. Or play with their heart. Is that work? No! And nobody gets crabby with me.

Clue #7: And I know that hard work and persistence will be rewarded eventually. That’s why I’m bigger now than I’ve ever been.

Clue #8: Except in the past. Holy moly, it’s getting hot!