Everyone Reckons Kitten On Masked Singer Is Julia Morris, Who Apparently Got Married In Vegas

We’re up to episode four of The Masked Singer, which means we can strike three celebs’ names from our list of guesses for the remaining masks.

Everyone’s convinced that Furby-looking Kitten is Aussie comedian Julia Morris, who has proven herself in the past to have a decent set of lungs.

And this time around, us viewers had a judge on our side. Jackie O, who’s been told off by producers for her correct guesses in the past, also reckons Kitten is Morris.

Let’s examine the evidence.


Although Jackie O wasn’t necessarily on her A-Game tonight, either. When she mulled the idea of Jessica Mauboy being Cactus, the stans (myself included) were absolutely livid.

She better not be right.



And for those of us addicted to Twitter, an cursed algorithmic guess to end your evening.

A Vegas wedding sounds kind of appealing now, actually.