Watch The Moment Masked Singer Star Christine Anu Drops A Cheeky Lil F-Bomb On The Project

Last night it was revealed that pop queen and literal icon Christine Anu was Goldfish on The Masked Singer.

Tonight, in her follow-up interview on The Project, things didn’t really go as planned and kind of got cut short, all thanks to the word “fucking” slipping into the conversation.

When host Carrie Bickmore told Anu she should re-release her 1995 hit (and certified banger) “My Island Home” for the sake of new fans who might’ve just discovered her on the show, Anu gave one of the most natural responses on Aussie TV in a long time.

“You need to re-release it, for the new Masked Singer fans, that’s what needs to happen, I reckon,” Bickmore said.

To this, Anu replied: “You say re-release… I’ve done a fucking million versions-”

That’s when she knew, she “fucked” up.

But it was smiles all around for what was a genuinely funny slip-up that doesn’t really do any harm at all.

That’s when the interview was immediately wound up, while everyone was laughing too much to say anything else. A high note to end the show on, tbh.

Everyone on Twitter agrees: foul-mouthed Christine Anu absolutely rocks, and may possibly be the best thing to come out of Masked Siger (despite not actually happening on the show) so far.

Give Anu her own segment, dammit.

Even Masked Singer judge Dave Hughes heard the slip-up, and is 100% on team Christine.

And finally, a comment from the queen herself:

For what it’s worth, The Project hosts backed her all the way.

Whomst among us has never punctuated our everyday speech with a casual f-bomb? Christine Anu… one of us.