Jackie O Says There’s A Blacklist Of Stars Who Auditioned For Masked Singer But Couldn’t Sing

The Masked Singer judge Jackie O, of Kyle & Jackie O Show fame, just shared some deets about how producers select famous folk to don the masks.

Appearing on, erm, another radio show, the shock jock revealed that after the first season of the talent show was a ratings hit, loads of celebs were lining up to be cast on the show.

“I think what they do is they cast the net far, they cast the net to everyone, and they just see what comes back,” she told the hosts on 3pm Pick-Up.

She explained that producers look for stars with a “good celebrity profile” but “if they can’t really sing, they’re not going to be able to do it.”

“They do want it to be entertaining and enjoyable, but [the contestants] need to have some sort of voice.”

She went on to reveal that they had to create a “blacklist” of celebs after people auditioned for the show, but couldn’t bloody carry a tune and good lord, wouldn’t ya love to see those audition tapes?

“They had a lot of people who they couldn’t get last year because it was an unknown show,” she said. “There are people doing it this year that I never would’ve thought would do it, and it’s just because they love the show and want to do something fun.”

It comes after the radio host’s alleged salary leaked, which apparently is, wait for it, $1 million dollerydoos. The same amount as queen Lindsay Lohan reportedly copped for her stint on the show last year. Tickets, over here.