I Don’t Know Who Kitten Is On Masked Singer But Its Look Of Deep Despair Is A Whole Mood

Out of all the mystery contestants on Masked Singer Australia this season, Kitten is the one I relate to the most. Why? Because they look so, so, over everything. They also look very cuddly, like even more cuddly than Sloth. Who could Kitten be though? Let’s think it over.

All The Clues We Have So Far

Clue #1: “You wouldn’t say I’m shy… maybe that’s why I feel the cold so often.”

Clue #2: Felines are vain. And I like to look good. In my underwear too.

Clue #3: I hope the way I look doesn’t blind you. Nobody can have a vision of the future.

Clue #4: If you hang in there, success can come at any age.

Clue #5: We’ve all done distasteful things in our lives. This is not the worst.

Clue #6: The trick is to keep laughing, and keep some nobility about you. Or get a proper tradie to do it.

Clue #7: I might be sweet on the outside but I pack a power punch, and tonight you’ll hear all my power.

Is it just me or does Kitten look like an Olympic mascot?

The People Most Likely To Be Kitten

So, if the Olympic vibe is a thing, Kitten could be a retired or active athlete. We’ve learned from ads that there are two World Cups and a triple Olympian somewhere in the mix, so this could work.

Or, the clue could mean Kitten is an outspoken person who often sparks controversy. Maybe?

“You wouldn’t say I’m shy… maybe that’s why I feel the cold so often.” Cold could mean backlash? Cold shoulder? Or maybe Kitten just likes to speak their mind.

So the only person I can think of right now is Lydia Lassila.

Lassila is a dual Olympic medallist and aerial skier, who is Australia’s first female winter athlete to compete at five Games. The numbers don’t quite match up there but the Winter Olympics could connect to “cold” in the clue.

She’s also been on Survivor twice, and certainly wasn’t shy in either season. Lydia was blindsided in Champions v Contenders, and I remember that being a thing at the time. Pretty cold mood, if you ask me.

Since Lydia’s been on Survivor twice now, she’d be pretty chummy with Ch10. Just saying.

Kitten’s singing voice coming in hot.

The Guesses:

Celia Pacquola, Lisa Mccune, Celeste Barber, Rebel Wilson, Julia Morris

The only thing I’m certain about right now is that Urzila Carlson is replacing Lindsay Lohan on the guessing panel this season. I’m sure she’ll be an absolute hoot alongside the usual lineup of Jackie O, Dave Hughes, and Dannii Minogue.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres August 10 on Channel 10.