The Puppet On Masked Singer Is What I See In The Corner Of My Room During Sleep Paralysis

The Puppet On Masked Singer Is What I See In The Corner Of My Room During Sleep Paralysis

While I admire the work of the costume designer behind The Masker Singer Australia, I have questions. Why, why, would you make one of them look so masterfully cursed? I’m talking about Puppet. Puppet will haunt me in my dreams. Puppet could be related to Chucky. Does that have anything to do with the person underneath the mask? Let’s find out.

All The Clues We Have So Far

Ahead of the official clue reveal, Masked Singer teased Puppet as someone who “can’t wait to doll up and put on a show”. I’m sorry, but I can’t concentrate – Puppet is making my ass sweat.

Clue #1: “I’ve had my brush with royalty… and a long time in a court of law.”

Clue #2: “Puppets don’t age in human years, but the events of 1964 impacted my career.”

Clue #3: “There has been magic in what I do although granting wishes isn’t my usual job. I could do it until the cows come home.”

Clue #4: “Am I the sort who flies by the seat of his pants? Well I have walked to the beat of a different drum?”

Clue #5: “Am I wise? I have been in the past.”

Clue #6: “I took my inspiration from the Old Testament but don’t judge me for that.”

Clue #7: “I’ve been the bridesmaid many times and I get to be the bride, taking many hands in marriage I couldn’t be a happier puppet.”

Clue #8: “For most of my childhood, my parents called me George but that’s not my name.”

Clue #8: “I have a deep love for what I do, the best bit is interacting with the public. I get more out of it than they do.” 

Clue #9: “I do it all on my terms, I don’t follow anyone.”

Clue #10: “I have many strings to my bow but i find that four are usually enough.”

Clue #11: “I like the tropical heat, in fact, the sun has no visible effect on me at all.” 

Clue #12: “I’ve been many things in my life, morphing from one thing to another, some quite ugly.”

As a teenager, I sat a career aptitude test. I was told my personality was suited to one job – owner of a gift card shop.

Who the hell is under there?

The People Most Likely To Be Puppet

Some people reckon Puppet is beloved comedian and artist Anh Do, which is a pretty solid guess. If you think about that teaser – “can’t wait to doll up and put on a show” – a comedian could easily fit the bill.

One quick Google search and you learn Do has a business law degree from the University of Technology in Sydney. And, in 2018, he was invited to this fancy reception hosted by Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lady Lynne Cosgrove at Admiralty House. Guess who the guests of honour were? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The legend doesn’t seem to have Instagram so I can’t even suss things out, but I still think this is good guess.

Another solid option? Shaun Micallef.

Micallef was a solicitor for ten years before he made the decision to pursue comedy full time. The TV presenter is also based in Melbourne, which is where Masked Singer is filmed. I’m not quite sure what the link to royalty could be in Micallef’s case, however he did star in The King, the film about Graham Kennedy, in 2007.

For what it’s worth, Puppet does look mad as hell.

The Guesses (So Far)

Guesses for the Puppet included Russell Crowe, Mark Holden, Barnaby Joyce, Red Symons, Will Smith, Ben Gillies, Jonathan Coleman, Andrew O’Keefe, Kyle Sandilands, Andrew Hansen, Anthony Warlow, Hoff

This season of Masked Singer Australia will kick off with a slight tweak to the guessing panel. Urzila Carlson will replace Lindsay Lohan this season, joining the usual lineup of Jackie O, Dave Hughes, and Dannii Minogue.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres August 10 on Channel 10.