The Masked Singer Production Has Been Suspended So We May As Well Unveil Three Big Spoilers

Over the weekend, it was announced that The Masked Singer had suspended production after seven dancers tested positive to COVID-19 which is, well, beyond unfortunate.

Host Osher Günsberg added salt to the wound by revealing that they were just about to film the finale when it all went down.

So in that case, we don’t feel bad about dropping spoilers here as the spicy So Dramatic! podcast unmasked five alleged singers for us.

Megan Pustetto, podcast host and good mate of ours here at PEDESTRIAN.TV (have a read of our spicy chat with her here), said she has it on good authority from an unnamed source that she knows five of the singers.

Her five guesses were:

  1. Christina Anu (CORRECT!)
  2. Katie Noonan (CORRECT!)
  3. Sophie Monk – Dragonfly (TBC)
  4. Grant Denyer (TBC)
  5. Julia Morris – Kitten (TBC)

The ep dropped last week and as viewers will know, two out of those fives guesses were bang on, so chances are, our girl is right about the other three.

Those guesses certainly align with leading fan theories, as well:

Producers are reportedly figuring out how to stage an even more socially-distanced grand finale episode.

However that’s still three weeks away. In the meantime, every other episode has already been filmed, so programming will continue as scheduled.